Monday, October 24, 2005

17th Century Irish Garden

I have finally gotten around to posting a WIP picture of 17th C. Irish Garden, which I work on at work (when I can, and lately, that just isn't often or for very long...). I still have a ways to go - this garden is much bigger than I had originally realized it would be. I love it, though. I hope I can fit it in enough to finish it by the end of the year. I write about it a lot, so I figured it was time to share how it is going.
And tonight I worked some more on Angel of Love - this project has been making Mondays more enjoyable for the past couple of weeks :-) But now it gets put away for a little bit, as Martina is due to release the next password for Medieval Town Mandala some time around next Monday... but I will go back to this angel once I finish Part 2 of MTM next month :-) I got a bit more of the beading done tonight, as well as part of the cape.

I got some exciting news today! My friend Carol emailed me to let me know that a new LNS, Colonial Needleworks, is opening up next weekend in Bedford, NH! That's only about fifteen minutes from my house! What fantastic news! Thanks, Carol, for the heads up! Mike already said he has made plans to take me out there next weekend! Since I have Friday the 28th off, we will probably go then :-)

I received a lot of stash in the mail today - here it all is. Leslie sent me this beautiful Celtic Angel chart, just out of kindness! Thank you, Leslie! She is even prettier than I had expected her to be - and yes, I will finish a few projects before I start her - LOL!! Thanks for the reminder :-) I also received The Red Heart Sampler by La-D-Da and Australian Heart kit by Victoria Sampler from Rocky Mountain Needleworking... two gorgeous hand dyed evenweaves by Hidden Treasures: Fairy Glen and Summer Sky. I received the beads and Kreinik for Mirabilia's new Garden Beauty, as well as some white Kreinik Silk Mori for Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm :-) Did I miss anything?? Pretty good day! (oops, I did miss one - a fat quarter of steel gray cashel came in today too - no plans for it yet, just was a huge bargain on ebay).

I was high bidder on ebay today for a custom dyed piece of cobblestone linen for L&L's Firefly Fairies (along with the chart, which I have already... hmmm... would make a good gift!!). I had been planning to dye my own fabric, but when I saw this, I copped out, I guess :-) Also, yesterday I was high bidder for the chart for LHN's limited edition Americana Sampling kit! Very cool!!

I have to agree with others who have been writing about this - Mirabilia's new limited edition pixie kit is adorable! Wow! But $50?? Yikes, I don't think I can swing it either!!

Jenna asked me where I got Porcelain Nosegay, which is sold out in a lot of places since the pretty floral button is no longer being manufactured.... I got mine at Down Sunshine Lane for $6.50. I saw on ebay today that someone is selling the chart, embellishments and the frame for only $12.00 - you might want to check that out too - sounds like a good deal!!

Stitched on today: Angel of Love and 17th Century Irish Garden at work.


Laren said...


The 17th C garden is great! I love the knotwork, it really does suit cross-stitch so well. Keep up the great work.


Kiwi Jo said...

You might feel like you are making slow progress on the Irish Garden but I can definitely see all you have done since the last photo. AND it looks great!!

Bea said...

Great job, Carol. The 17th C garden looks beautiful. And... I purchased the Mirabilia's kit, I was not strong!

Anonymous said...

You did a lot already on both projects. Well done, Carol. Ann.

Barbara said...

I love the Irish garden! Is this a Chatelaine design? I don't recognize it.

I also love the Christmas Pixie, but the price is just too high. Too bad.

Your stash haul is excellent!

bunnyhead said...

The Irish Garden is so pretty with all those greens! It's going to be stunning. You always get the greatest stuff in the mail!

Nicole said...

Wow 17th Century Irish Garden looks amazing! That piece is quite large!

Shelleen said...

That Garden is great!! Love the greens on it :-)

Jenny said...

Ohhhh I love that 17th C Garden! I hadn't seen that design before and if funds weren't so tight right now I'm afraid I'd have already tracked it down. Will have to put that one on my Christmas list I think.

Stitchie Kiwi said...

Carol - finally, I'm here to answer your question about Rose Arbour! ... I emailed you, but it bounced back ... anyway ... my Rose Arbour is on a very old piece of Blended Needle fabric (something to do with it being a very old WIP!) ... it was supposed to be Partridge (is that spelt right), that antiquey brown look, but is very yellow. It looks great with the blues of her dress - but the roses are a little lost on it - I'd actually recommend a darker fabric :)

Love your garden and angel - amazing stitching, as usual!

Oh! and one last thing :) ... I was looking at the Silkweaver Showcase Gallery the other day and think your Earth Angel should win - she looks amazing on the fabric you used.


Kath said...

Hi Carol, just been catching up on your blogs. Your stitching on all your pieces is just lovely, and I can't believe just how you power through everything. Your work is so inspiring.

Lisa mentioned the Silkweavers showcase to me... I agree, I think you should win too.