Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween! It's Indian Summer here now :-)

Well, I don't think the password came from Martina today for Medieval Town Mandala (but honestly, I only just thought of that about an hour ago and have not even gone to look for it yet), so I managed to get in another evening with Angel of Love. That was a treat! I did a whole bunch of beading on her skirt tonight, and now I really must sing the praises of my new Tacky BOB that I bought over the weekend at Colonial Needleworks. What a pleasure it was to keep little piles of each of the six or seven bead colors all in different areas of the box - so easy compared to juggling all those little Mill Hill packets! And, my Tacky BOB still has beads for this angel in it, and they are not budging! I am sold - love my Tacky BOB! Who would have thought? I only bought it to give the new shop a sale :-)
Mondays seem to be particularly good for mail delivery here - no matter when I order something, more than likely it will arrive here on a Monday! Today I received my Spooktacular Sale items from Silkweaver: a fat quarter of 36 ct sand edinburgh linen and a fat quarter of 40 ct antique white newcastle linen. I am very pleased with these - they are just what I needed for some upcoming samplers, such as the Long Dog Samplers SAL for next year. I also received the belfast solo from Silkweaver, which is a stunning combo of greys and browns, so nice! My Monthly Bits from Stitching Bits & Bobs arrived (monthly fiber club), and this month, along with a little bag of Halloween candy (which I will give to a niece, no sugar eaten here!), were a skein of NN 166, a skein of Dinky Dyes cotton in Nullabor, a short skein of Gloriana silk in Apricot Grove, a skein of Soie d'Alger in either 611 or 119 (??) and a skein of Delta perle in 18 - very autumnal this month! As well, the Americana Sampling chart and left over threads by Little House Needleworks, and a fat quarter of 32 ct Parchment evenweave by The Blended Needle came in from ebay :-) I also included in the photo the two Silkweaver lugana solos that came in on Saturday. Oh, and my two JABC buttons (a tiny maple leaf and a tiny Canadian flag) also came in today for Ottawa Sampler, but I already have popped those in with the chart for safekeeping :-)

I broke down today - after seeing pics in several blogs of how pretty the Silkweaver Medium Treat Bags are, I ordered one before they were all gone - I am so weak! Now I can't wait to see what they choose for me!

Bye Bye Theo... the GM of the Red Sox declined the offer by the team and has resigned... what is up with that?? Is there strife in the clubhouse? I would not be surprised, honestly. I am not impressed by the new team management, even if we did win a World Series last year :-( It's only baseball, it's only baseball, it's only baseball.... I keep telling myself this. (Different speculations are coming out in the news now - many think a stupid article by a local sportswriter, which insulted Theo's qualifications, may have sent him away - what a shame, really, he was with the organization for 13 years and is a local boy who grew up a Sox fan... now to leave, saying he gave his heart and soul to the team and no longer can....??)

Stitched on today: Angel of Love


Casa Pearl said...

Carol, I have to go to Amherst on the 12th for a haircut and a new LNS has opened in Beford - want to check it out? I was thinking we could meet at Macy's in Bedford. My cut is at 10:45 I think and it won't take long. Let me know!

Anne S said...

What an awesome stash-fest ... everything looks wonderful! And your stitching is great too, as always - I love Legends, as the colours are growing, and your Open Heart SAL looks fantastic. I know what you mean about the satin stitching - I can 'fudge' a XS wrong here or there, for example on Legends where you couldn't honestly tell, but a satin stitch band I'd have to unpick as well. Look forward to seeing your Silkweaver grab bag contents ... still waiting for the mailman to stop fondling mine and finally put it in the PO Box!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a stash haul you've had. I have ordered a medium stash bag from Silkweaver too, but it's not arrived yet :( I know it takes a little longer to get to the UK, but I ordered it about 10 days ago now and I WANT IT!!!

Ulla said...

Dear Carol

First of all thank you for visiting my blog
Angel of love and your embroidery -of mandal they are so so beautiful.I hope I can start next year with a bigger embroidery and you have so many to be inspired of.I'm waiting for a's like a Christmas eve.

Unknown said...

Yay! Now I can look forward to seeing what you get from Silkweaver instead of buying another bag myself. So tempting because it was such great stuff!

BeckySC said...

She's looking BEEutiful, Carol :) WOW!
LOVE your stash :)

Thank you so much for the surprise Grab bag :) Love it and you :)

Rachel said...

The silk should be 611. 119 doesn't exist (I don't think) and if it did would be blue/purple.)