Sunday, October 09, 2005

Medieval Town Mandala Part 1 - Done

Where did the day go? I spent all day working on finishing part one of Medieval Town Mandala... looks really boxy, doesn't it? I think the sixteen squares around the fountain look like mosaic tiles, but Martina has them labeled as flower beds on the chart... ok. They took me forever to stitch, that much I do know! Anyhow, will be happy to put this away until next month now :-)

I am trying to do my part now to support the Anaheim Angels (or whatever it is they are calling themselves this year - LOL!). I brought my rally monkey from the 2002 post season down from where I keep him in my stash room, and I hung him on a jar candle atop one of our DVD racks in the living room. He didn't bring the Angels any luck against the Yankees tonight.... hope he can do it tomorrow night!! He has one last chance left!

Let's Go Patriots! Not bad, considering at least 50% of our starters are on the DL, we won today: Patriots 31, Falcons 28 - it doesn't look like their spirits are at all deflated by all of these injuries. What is with the ridiculous schedule the NFL gave to NE to start the season? Talk about making them have to climb uphill LOL! I looked at all AFC and NFC schedules, and nobody's looks as horrible as NE's does! That's how champs are treated, I guess. MLB did the same to the Red Sox at the start of last season. Definitely the downside to being champs!

Bad day/OK day for Ryan Newman... he got caught up in someone else's crash on lap 17, came in 23rd... yet is still second in points. Yet all the NASCAR talk shows on SPEED Channel make it sound like his season is over - yet he is second in points? No respect for Newman - there never is! Better luck next week Ryan! I'll surely be here rooting for you! (Maybe the rally monkey will help him??)

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala... and I got some stash on ebay tonight, but it is very, very late here now and I will post that info in tomorrow's entry :-)


My Life In Stitches said...

The progress on the Medieval Town Mandala is lovely. I will enjoy watching it grow.
Happy Stitching,

Kiwi Jo said...

Your Medieval Town is going to be a stunner!!

Hope you enjoy the Angel's game tonight. It could be a late night for all of us. I don't really care who wins but I love when it comes down to the last game of the series. Very exciting!

Kathy said...

Wow how lovely is that, well done hun, looking forward to next months installment

hugs xxxxx

Lelia said...

I think they look like tiles, too. But very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your progress.

I don't follow sports; however, being about 45 miles from Chicago - there are a lot of black-n-white banners around town, rooting for the White Sox!

Kath said...

Love your blog Carol and read often. Your progresses on your stitching pieces is lovely and your are very inspirational.

zoeandcooper said...

It is looking great Carol. I am enjoying watching your work on this one while I wait for Mystery IX to start. It has wonderful colors in it.

I love the candle image in the header of your blog. If only we had scratch and sniff computer screens:)

Jenna said...

Medieval Town Mandala is looking good so far, Carol! I can see what Martina was talking about with the mini gardens around the central motif. They're just really tiny! :)

tkdchick said...

Carol its lovely! I wish I wasn't "Chatelaine-ed Out" I can't wait to be done Midi 1 so that I can have a break!