Thursday, October 20, 2005

Too Tired to Stitch Dragons Tonight...

...I worked late tonight and by the time I got home, had dinner, read the mail, talked to Mike, fed the cats, various other things... I was just too tired to stitch Wisdom tonight. I couldn't really see myself doing all of that confetti stitching. I know I would have messed it up! But Girl with Cat had a lot of appeal... it is an easy and pleasant stitch. I actually got a lot done... filled in the seat of the chair, gave the cat the finishing touches to his face, did a good amount of her right sleeve.... not bad for a night when I am so tired. I will probably find time this weekend to work on Legends of the Dragons, as I very much would like to keep up with this SAL.

And, a little bit of stash came in today - a pack of Mill Hill beads and a spool of Kreinik #4 for upcoming Mirabilias.... and a pretty fat quarter of Sugar Maple Fabric Eye of the Storm belfast :-)

And... did a little bit of shopping today too... sigh... I bought a cut of Autumn Fields belfast for Jeannette Douglas' Ottawa Sampler, as well as the Needle Necessities Kreinik #4 braid for it... and this new Fanta Cat chart, Gatekeeper. I love all the different elements in the scene.

I gave Silkweaver a bunch of business too - guess I am looking to put her twins through college LOL!! - I got this pretty belfast solo, and I also ordered two fat quarters of either edinburgh or newcastle linen (their choice) in colors of their choice from their Spooktacular Sale :-) Cool! Looking forward to seeing what they choose for me! I hope to get good colors for samplers.

Stitched on today: Girl with Cat and 17th Century Irish Garden (at work)


karensff said...

Girl with Cat looks lovely. It's so different from all the others you are working on. Actually all the designs you are working very different. I always look forward to see what you have worked on that day.

Isabelle said...

Aww Carol, love that design.

I'm considering ordering a small treat bag of Silkweaver's spooktacular sale!

Hope you're having a good night's sleep after that long day! (you must be sleeping as I'm writing this!)

Shelleen said...

Girl With Cat looks so soft. I can't wait to see more of this.

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol,
No worries that you didn't stitch on Legends tonight-you are the most dedicated rotation stticher I know-so it will get the attention it desrves :)
Your progress looks great.
I hope you are rested today.

many hugs :)

Bastet said...

Girl with Cat is very pretty, she's in my stash, to the Fanta Cat pattern, have you checked to see if the color chart matches the pattern? I know it sounds a bit odd, but I have Rhiannon by them and the color guide is nowhere near what the pattern says, luckily there's so little to her that I can figure out what goes where, though I've been a bit timid about buying anymore of the patterns....