Monday, October 03, 2005

Reverse Stitching

Yep, lots of reverse stitching tonight. You might recall seeing a piece of the angel's ribbon coming up along side her wing last time you saw my Earth Angel... it's not there any longer LOL! It appears that it was initially placed in the right spot, but at some point the ribbon ended up two threads too close to her wing. That really annoyed me. I thought about it for a couple of days and fully realized I could not live with it like that. Reverse! It's gone! I will approach it differently now since I have no idea where it went awry... I will work the ribbon up from the bottom this time and end at the point at which I had originally started... make sense? I tried out Karen's recent suggestion, and I turned my Q-Snap around and stitched the ribbons upside down... so much easier than working at the bottom of the Q-Snap! And, I was happy to see that the x's surely do still go in the same direction, which was a concept that truly had eluded me before!

Well, what can I say? Here is my new Silkweaver belfast solo I ordered last night.... sigh. And, I got in the blue one today that I ordered last week. Lovely - it has a bit of periwinkle blended into it - perfect for another of my angels :-) Oh, and I got a fat quarter of R&R 40 ct Sheeps Straw linen on ebay today too :-)

Stitched on today: 17th Century Irish Garden for a bit at work (really not finding huge chunks of stitching time at work lately, but still getting some work done on this...) and Earth Angel


Anonymous said...

He he he, I'm glad you gave my way of stitching a try - it's not as weird as it sounds is it? I've actually started CW this weekend - and yep, I'm stitching her upside down so I can start from the middle and work her upper body and head first.

Earth Angel is looking smashing. Gorgeous silkweaver you've ordered :o)

Bine said...

Your Earth Angel looks great and it's not toooooo much left to do, isn't it?
I blogrolled you so I can come back.

Dawn said...

Earth Angel is looking great! Again, you have selected another gorgeous fabric.

Jenna said...

Nice Solo pick! Earth Angel looks as lovely as always. :)

Yes, I started using Karen's 180^ technique every once in a while, too. I think she may have started a trend! LOL

Nicole said...

The angel looks wonderful, really almost done!

I did some "reverse stitching" as well today on the Chimps at lunch time. They look much better stitched the "correct" way :)