Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Celtic Winter... with alterations :-) ...And upcoming SALs for 2006, if anyone is interested!

Before I share today's stitching, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for your wonderful comments about Earth Angel. Thank you! They are so appreciated - you all are so wonderful!!

Tonight I worked on my Celtic Ladies SAL, Celtic Winter. I love my fabric choice, Silkweaver 28 ct Blue Diamonds Reflections lugana, but it is a light colored fabric which does not allow the N, T and part of the E in the word "WINTER" to show up well. So, tonight I decided that I had to just go and make my fabric work for me... so I went ahead and used DMC 317 to outline the inside of the N, the T and the light part of the E.... I like it :-) There will be beads inside each letter and around each letter box soon... I didn't want the letters to disappear completely amidst all that added sparkle!! I am glad I got that resolved now. I continue to just love this project - and from what I read in other blogs, the other ladies in this SAL appear to be loving whichever Celtic Lady they have selected too. Very cool.

Now that I have completed one of my major projects, I did some thinking about my rotation. Today I decided that the following is my weekly rotation for the remainder of October (at least in theory)...

Mondays - Angel of Love
Tuesdays - Garden Spots Sampler
Wednesdays - Celtic Winter
Thursdays - Legends of the Dragons
Fridays - Convent's Herbal Garden
Saturdays - Mermaid Heaven
Sundays - An Open Heart
At Work - 17th Century Irish Garden (when/if I can)...

Q. How do you ‘non-hoopists’ who use a rotation system handle it (as it seems to be lot easier if you are in good terms with hoop)? Do you have several scroll frames? Do you use Q-snaps or maybe something completely different? Or do you just have one or two big projects and others are small enough to be kept in hand while stitching?

A. OK, I am a die-hard rotation stitcher, so this question is geared towards me... I do not stitch with a hoop - that, in my experience, ruins the fabric and the stitching. I do use either a Q-Snap, a scroll or will stitch in hand. However, I never leave a project on a Q-Snap or scroll once I am done with it for the night. I take it off and pack it away. So what I use does not really matter. I do own several size Q-Snaps, and 4 sizes of scrolls, though...

I stole this from Heather's blog today:

How to make a Carol

5 parts intelligence

5 parts ambition

3 parts leadership
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness

Ah, Blogger photos is working right now... off and on, geesh. Here are the two 36 ct solos I got from Silkweaver yesterday.... I think they will make great samplers :-) I also got SMF's Bling opalescent belfast on ebay, but... that image can't be uploaded... makes no sense, oh well.

I have a few SAL's that I have been talking to ladies about for next year... so I figured I would post them here, just in case others are interested in them too? The more the merrier, that is for sure! All of these are for 2006... no rush :-)
1. Spring Ride... so far with Karen B.
2. Long Dog Samplers (I haven't chosen mine yet...)... so far with Jo
3. Mermaids of the Deep Blue... so far with Katrina and Lisa
4. Rose of Sharon... so far with Bea and Jenn
5. Fairy Idyll... so far with Karen K.
6. Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace... so far with Bea.

Well, the White Sox took game two from the Angels... the cheap way! A bad call by the ump in the bottom of the ninth... inning was over... total screw up... then the White Sox get an extra out and score... cheap. Hey, even the White Sox fans know the Angels got robbed on that one! Geesh.

Stitched on today: Celtic Winter

***Has anyone heard of all the flooding in parts of New Hampshire this week? We are fine here... getting plenty of rain... but the flooded areas are not far from me... yikes, some on the news call it our version of Katrina :-( What will the winter bring?? Yikes!


BeckySC said...

WONDERFUL progress, Carol! She is looking so great and I like what you did with the lettering!

I really need some encouragement to get back to stitching on my CA-I used to be so much better about stitching SAL's. I have completed many projects that way with BB groups...I REALLY need to get back to my daily rotation-it was what always worked best for me.

You have some wonderful projects lined up for 2006. I have wanted to stitch The Rose of Sharon for years but have never gotten to it.

hugs to you :)

Cool-the word verification tonight for me ends in SC :) :) :) LOL!!

Kathy said...

Hey Carol

CW is looking creat and I like your idea of just highlighting the letters in such a pale colour.

I would love to do one of the SAL's with you, but which I will have to think then once decided will let you know.

Hugs xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, thanks for your comment on my blog. I managed in a roundabout way to get Jo's email address and emailed her. There was a problem with something and even she couldn't get onto it and thanked me for making her aware of it and it's now fixed. You both have some wonderful projects on the go, I'm still trying to figure out how you fit it all in ;)

Unknown said...

Lovely progress on CW!

I'd love to join you on either Dawn or Mermaids. I figure I'll be working on my current project until '06 anyway at the rate I stitch! lol

Unknown said...

I did see the news about the flooding, i'm glad to hear it's not affecting your immediate area right now. What I saw on the news did not look good.

I'm ahead in my knitting and ready to pick up Legends again at lunch, at least for today so maybe i'll have a progress pic next week ;)

Speaking of Stitch-A-longs, after Legends we'll have to start another some time in 2006, I saw Kingdom Sampler in your list - or any other dragon design :) Maybe I'll have more time by then and have a good rotation going myself and join a few SAL's. :)

Schokti said...

I like the backstitching of the letters, Carol. Good call - it really looks great!

Katrina said...

Hey Carol, great progress on CW and the outlining looks good too, sometimes we just have to use some artistic licence with our stitching :)

count me in for the Mermaids SAL. I'm thinking of making them my new years day start - each year on the 1st Jan I start a completely new project, last year it was Petal Fairy, the year before that it was Celtic Banner, and this regardless of however many other wips I have on the go. are you keen for that start date?

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

CW is looking lovely. I am enjoying watching everyone's progress as each one of us is moving in a different direction.

I would love to stitch Rose of Sharon with you next year. Keep me posted on when you would like to start!!

Bastet said...

Celtic Winter is looking as lovely as ever! :) I have Rose of Sharon in my stash, I think I have just about everything for her except for the fabric and a few floss. I'll have to see where my other projects take me before I'll committ myself to the SAL though.

Rachel said...

Hmm, I really should join you on Rose of Sharon. I started her years ago and she's just been sitting around languishing. Poor girl.