Saturday, October 01, 2005

October Goals

I took some time today to work on Earth Angel again. It is pretty slow going for me with those ribbons. I didn't really spend much time stitching today, though. Too many other things to do :-)

September Goals
1. Finish Celtic Band Sampler - yes, happy dance!!
2. Finish Miracle Butterfly - yes, happy dance!!
3. Start Celtic Winter SAL with blogging pals - yes
4. Continue Mermaid Heaven SAL with Jenn - yes
5. Continue Earth Angel SAL with Jenn - yes
6. Continue to stitch on Convent's Herbal Garden - yes
7. Continue Legends of the Dragons SAL with Nikki- yes
8. Continue to work on 17th Century Irish Garden at work - yes
9. Continue to stitch on Girl with Cat - no
10. Continue to stitch on Angel of Love - no
11. Maybe start Garden Spots Sampler with Jo, just have to check with her to decide on a start date - yes, we did!
***I anticipate that with wanting to finish two projects this month, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, Little Wings and restarting Catherine Agnes are not going to happen at all... :-( - true...none were worked on
***In September, I also started An Open Heart SAL with Tannia and Karen, and Medieval Town Mandala started a day early

October Goals:
1. Finish Earth Angel
2. Finish Part 1 of Medieval Town Mandala
3. Continue Garden Spots Sampler SAL with Jo
4. Continue Legends of the Dragons SAL with Nikki
5. Continue Celtic Winter SAL
6. Continue Convent's Herbal Garden
7. Continue Mermaid Heaven SAL with Jenn
8. Continue An Open Heart SAL with Karen and Tannia
9. Continue 17th Century Irish Garden

Two ebay wins today :-) The first is directly from Silkweaver's own auctions, and is a pretty good sized belfast solo in a neat combinations of greens. The second is a fat quarter of Silkweaver's 36 ct linen in Golden Promise. That one is going to be just perfect for one of the samplers I have been wanting to stitch. I am so excited about these wins!
I got in some stash today :-) I received the order from Paw Prints that had the Ray of Light belfast for Taj Mahal Garden and the Petite Treasure Braids for one of the Celtic Ladies (at this point, I have to look up which one these are for now....). And, I got in some items from ebay too - the fat quarter of Amsterdam Blue belfast and the packet of Kreiniks and MH beads for Royal Holiday (forgot about them when I was taking this stash photo).

Well, the Yankees got what they wanted with their $200M payroll - they got the AL East title today - guess when you spend that kind of money, you can play crappy and get the title (they proved that!). Hopefully tomorrow the Red Sox can grab the wild card.

Stitched on today: Earth Angel

I almost forgot - Happy Birthday Ava! My "kitten" turned two today.... no more babies in the house now!


bunnyhead said...

Can you put some of that energy in a bottle and send it to me? You're one busy bee! Congrats on meeting so many of your goals. :)

karensff said...

Looks to me like you have done a lot to Earth Angel. She is looking fantastic.

Bastet said...

Despite the monotany of the white, it really shouldn't take too long to finish up Earth Angel. She's gorgeous!

zoeandcooper said...

I will be sending you lots of encouragement on EA. It is always hard at the end of a project.

Good luck to Boston and Happy B-day to Ava:)

Kathy said...

Ooooo Earth Angel is looking fab and almost a HD for you.

Hugs xxxxxx

Barbara said...

You did such a great job meeting your Sept. goals!! Congratulations!