Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rain, rain, rain... a good day for stitching!

It started to rain last night, and I just saw on the television that we should pretty much get used to that theme. We aren't expected to see sun until at least Thursday or even Friday. The rain has been heavy all day today (which has been a little stressful, because we had to have a small leak in our foundation patched from the outside last week - fortunately still under warranty - and that area is still exposed and is getting deluged with rain... but no leaks yet!) Anyhow, I pulled out an old friend today who has been neglected for a few weeks now, Mermaid Heaven, which is another SAL with Jenn. With the wet weather as it is, it was a great day to stitch, and I managed to really get a lot done. I have finished Part 1/8, which is now my second page completed. Next time I will do Part 5/8 which will finish her face and head. I really love this Impressionism Cashel by Sugar Maple Fabrics that I am using for this project. The colors are so amazing.

I did a little shopping over at Silkweaver today. After looking at their Reflections line a bit, I decided to try their Tranquility opalescent belfast out... perhaps for Mermaids of the Deep Blue? I ordered the belfast to make sure that I do get a nice deep colored piece of fabric.... I am pretty excited about it. I will have to post floss tosses on my many potential fabric choices when I am ready to start this, as I will need advice on which fabric to use - I cannot seem to figure this one out on my own :-)
And, while I was there and my shopping cart was in use, I checked out their Solos and liked this neutral 32 ct lugana fat quarter... got it - I am sure it will work well for one of my upcoming projects!

I also got in my recently ordered belfast solo from Silkweaver today - lots of pretty green tones, and I think I might use it for Scent of Old Roses - I have to doublecheck my chart, but I believe this is a smaller design and this fabric is a shorter cut... plus I think the rich tones of her dress will pop on this fabric (see scan below).

I took the advice of a few of you today, and I watched The Interpreter today. You were all right, it really was a good movie. A+A+A+! Thanks for the recommendations! And, while running errands earlier today, Mike and I ended up in Circuit City... and somehow we left with The Amityville Horror... we do like our horror movies once in a while...;-)

Stitched on today: Mermaid Heaven


Jenn said...

Mermaid Heaven is looking so nice. I'm going to be working on mine tomorrow. I hope to have the flowers done in her hair but, no promises! :)

karensff said...

Mermaid heaven looks lovely. Rain weather is definitely a good time for stitching. I love it when the rain is coming down very hard and I am cosy inside stitching away. Good luck with finishing Earth Angel.

Isabelle said...

Mermaid Heaven is so lovely!

I enjoyed the Interpreter too - that was the last movie I saw at the cinema. (Geez, that must have been last June!)

Sending you some Fall sun from Paris - hope it makes its way to you!

Enjoy your Sunday stitching! :o)

bunnyhead said...

Mermaid Heaven is so pretty and delicate looking. :) Hmm. Your foundation leak sounds a lot like the one that I now hove thanks to the soaking we've gotten the last couple days. Hope it hold together for you!

Kiwi Jo said...

Mermaid Heaven is gorgeous Carol. Hope your basement stays dry and you enjoy stitching while the rain comes down outside.

zoeandcooper said...

Your Mermaid Heaven is so pretty. I love the fabric she is on. I am sure it is even prettier in person.

Stay warm and dry!!

tkdchick said...

Mermaid Heaven is looking lovely

Anonymous said...

Your Mermaid Heaven is gorgeous - I mean to stitch this one some day too!

Kathy said...

Wow mermaid heaven is looking fantastic hun. Love the material you ahve choosen for the other one you are going to stitch too.

I am going to be ordering some Silweaver fabrics soon. Can't wait lol

Hugs xxxxx

Bastet said...

I like mermaid heaven, you and Jenn are doing marvolous jobs on it! I know the indecision on fabric choices, I'm going through that one at the moment. As for the beads replacing the gold thread...I usually just turn to krienik and use one of theirs. I hate the DMC gold floss which someone years ago told me to use...I like krienik better.