Saturday, October 29, 2005

Brrr... it sure is getting cold.... earlier than usual!

It's Saturday, so I got to stitch on Mermaid Heaven today. What I like about rotation stitching is getting reintroduced to projects I really enjoy - like this one :-) I didn't realize how crooked the fabric is in the bottom right corner where I was stitching today - that's just how it is sitting in the Q-Snap.
OK, I just could not go to bed last night without filling in her hair - voila! Not as creepy anymore!!
Your Daddy Is Pedro Martinez

What You Call Him: Dada

Why You Love Him: He knows best

Too, too funny - and strange! All I did was type in that my father's name was Clyde, and now, suddenly, Pedro Martinez, ex-Red Sox pitcher, who broke my heart when he left and went to the Mets, is my "Daddy"???? Oh geesh!

Oh - got in two solos from Silkweaver today... but still waiting on my Spooktacular Sale purchases... I didn't remember to take a picture of the two solos, but just realized I had saved the scans of them from the Silkweaver site, and they turned out to be quite accurate, so I will just post them here instead :-) I do hope my Spooktacular Sale items come soon - one fat quarter of 36 ct and one of 40 ct. I didn't buy a treat bag with the hand dyed fabric - we all know I have enough of that!

Some areas in New England got a little snow last night - already! I don't think we got any here (we may have had flurries, but no evidence of them this morning). Wow, that is pretty early for us! I hear the temps are supposed to warm up again now, but I am sure that won't be much or last for long. Yuck.

I ordered the linen threads I will need for the new Flower Fairy chart in Quick & Easy, and while visiting the sale at Stitching Bits & Bobs today for the threads, I also visited their inventory clearance... got this little coffee dragon chart... he is a bit funny looking, but the chart pretty much sums up me and coffee!!!!

And, a few days ago I ordered Sugar Maple Fabric's custom color for Mermaids of the Deep Blue - Mindy calls this one Lake of the Woods. It's cashel, and I would have preferred 32 ct for this chart, but decided to have a look at this one. It is a custom cut for the design.... it looks kind of green in the scan, but I trust Mindy - I am sure she worked the color out well for the chart.

Meanwhile, Silkweaver is happy to take the Tranquility opalescent belfast back... I think I will swap it for their Treasure Trove opalescent belfast - I just really like it and have been admiring it for a while - I am sure I can use it for something!

Stitched on today: Mermaid Heaven and Girl with Cat (before bed last night)


karensff said...

I love mermaid heaven. She is look ing lovely. I also really like the coffee dragon. I think he's kind of sweet. As much as I hate the cold I would love it if we got proper snow. Our snow turns to horrible brown slush half way through the day. All we are getting just now is an almost constant rain.

bunnyhead said...

Another day of beautiful progress. That SMF does look green. But a dark sea green would probably look great with those chartreuse shimmering mermaids. I'm sure it will look great. And wow, 28ct will be humungous!

Nicole said...

Great progress so far this weekend! Mermain Heaven is really coming along.

You're very lucky you didn't get snow - we got quite a bit, I was surprised to see it sticking for a bit too! It's way too early!

I won't get any stitching done this weekend but things are going well and maybe this week I can pick up Legends again some night :)

Lelia said...

beautiful progress updates! Sounds like you had a good time touring the new LNS, too.

Enjoy your week-end. It is too early for snow (lol)

Gill said...

You've made some great progress while I've been away. 17th Century irish garden is looking really good, haven't seen that one for a long time. Hope it doesn't get too cold!