Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Autumn Leaves...

...I think those are autumn leaves that I finished stitching on Garden Spot Sampler tonight! Wow, the Victoria Clayton conversion sure is different from the Soie d'Alger used by Samplers and Such. The bottom leaf in the original is a vibrant, electric blue. Victoria's conversion makes it a baby blue... what a difference!! I think I would have preferred something closer to the original electric blue here, but I am still really pleased with the conversion. The sampler is really starting to grow now :-) ****Karen B. asked what fabric I am stitching this sampler on, so I figured I would edit that in here - it is on R&R 40 ct Creme Brulee linen, which I am starting to think may be a bit too dark for this sampler, but no turning back now! LOL!

Some more stash came in today... the much coveted Ottawa Sampler by Jeannette Douglas surely did not disappoint when I got to look at it. I have compiled my little list of fibers and buttons to order for it... I am excited to do this one... probably next year at this rate. And, the three opalescent solo luganas from Silkweaver are stunning. This photo does not do them any justice, but they are actually even prettier than the scans that were on Silkweaver's site... wow... they do such a great job!

Oops! Almost forgot... it is new DVD Release Tuesday... of course... this week it is Batman Begins and Land of the Dead (this one is all Mike, not my kind of movie at all)

Stitched on today: Garden Spot Sampler


Kitty Couture said...

Hi Carol, I really like that sampler you're stitching with Jo! Your garden is growing nicely :o)

And that new stash is fabulous! In the picture those solos are amazing, I can't imagine what they must be in real life!

And I have to tell you... I'm stitching a Xmas Ornament for the exchange on Becky's board, and I'm using the Gentle Art thread in Blueberry that you gave me for my Birthday. It is so beautiful and soft! (and it is still fragrant with the tea you had also enclosed in the package... Yummy!) Thanks again for that lovely goodie :o)


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty sampler. I like the fabric you've chosen for it ... what is it?

karensff said...

Garden Spot Sampler is really coming along. It's looking lovely.

Kiwi Jo said...

I love Tuesday nights and SALing with you :) I will post a photo tonight so we can compare progress.

Erin said...

Beautiful stash!!

My DH picked up Batman Begins after work yesterday, and we just HAD to watch it before the Amazing Race started (DH and I are both a bit addicted to that show.... *blush*). I think I liked that one better in the theater - not sure why.

Unknown said...

Ah yes Batman Begins - gotta get it!

Great progress on the sampler! And Angel of Love is just amazing, the detail in that piece is just wonderful!

Petal Fairy arrived safe and sound! Thank you so much, she will have a happy home!

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol,
ALL your latest progresses look so beautiful! When I see your AOL, I remember that I need to take a pic of mine to add to my photo album, but I always forget when I go to my friends house to take the digital. Mine doesn't look near as beautiful as yours though, as it was in my pre-linen days and I used 14 ct.! ( Hindsight)
I am loving your progress in GSS-it looks really great! The colors are WOW on this one!! An Open Heart is a beautiful piece. I have loved this one since Karen first posted hers. KEEP GOING GF!! It's awesome!

hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Carol, I like the colours on Garden Spot. It's really sweet and it's growing beautifully. Looking at your stash, you always pick the nicest thing to stitch. :)
I just check out Land of Dead, they are great!!