Monday, October 17, 2005

Angel of Love

Angel of Love is back again now... at least for a while... I had great fun with this one tonight. I started beading an area at the top of her skirt. I love it! Mike noticed this one tonight and really likes it too... maybe I can find some way to work on this one more regularly.

I got in some stash today.... someone commented that that might cheer me up, and it did a little :-) (I know I sounded sad yesterday... I rarely blog sad feelings...thank you to those who expressed concern..the Patriots lost yesterday and my husband has health issues... felt bluesy about all of this...oh, and the Angels got eliminated too...) But today my Michael Powell kit came in the mail, and I got in two gorgeous fat quarters of 36 ct by Silkweaver... both are solos and are so nice!

Even more exciting, though, is this pair of 14k earrings Mike bought for me today on ebay... he saw I had bid on them, and today he took care of making sure I got them. I love the design... 1 1/4" and elliptical design. Nice! My husband is a sweetie... I love him... wish he would take better care of his health though.

Anyhow.... I got some new fabrics on order the past couple of days... will just post them when they come in.

Stitched on today: 17th Century Irish Garden (I missed it, so I made time to work on it at work today) and Angel of Love


Bea said...

Caro, you're lucky, your husband is wonderful. I understand that you love him, I hope he'll feel better soon. Thanks for your posts and your voting...I'll probably stitch Coffee Menu and I'd have liked to start it with you but I'll have to wait for the next year. Happy stitching!

Isabelle said...

HI Carol, I haven't had the chance to visit your blog for a few days, and your progress on various projects is so impressive.

Please give my very best wishes to Mike. I hope he takes care of himself and gets better. He is so kind and loving to you, I'm sure he'll do that - if not for himself, then for you.


karensff said...

Angel of Love is looking lovely. It's going to look amazing when finished. I hope that things start looking up with the Open Heart SAL.

bunnyhead said...

AOL looks so pretty (and complicated, look at all those tiny bits of different colors!). I hope your hubby starts to feel better. He sure is a sweetie for picking up those earrings for you. At least he's making good use of his recoop time. There's always next season for the BoSox. They can't win the World Series every year!

(I knew some stash would help cheer you up!)

AnneS said...

Yup, I definitely agree that hubby is a keeper :) What a lovely guy he is!! And AOL is stunning - I've been dying to stitch this for years, but couldn't ever find fabric for it that felt 'right' ... that was before I knew hand-dyes were available. Seeing yours now has sparked some interest again - I might have to work out the dimensions, as I've got some Midas Touch 32ct lugana going begging - I think that would go well hmmmm ... just what I need - ANOTHER project to start up LOL. Hope everything is OK with Tannia - I bookmarked her site early on, and had noticed she hadn't been updating for the whole last month...

zoeandcooper said...

I enjoyed seeing your progress on Angel of Love again. That is one of my favorite L&L pieces.

I am with you about hubbies not taking care of their health. Mine is doing the same thing right now. I know how stressful it can be. I hope Mike feels better soon. He did pick out some beautiful earrings though!!