Wednesday, May 17, 2006

After the rains come... time to find a new office!

It's back... Medieval Town Mandala, and I keep working on it little by little. I find myself frustrated if I try to rush with this one - which I truly was doing earlier in the month. Looks like it should get done in time, barring any crises. I haven't done much backstitching on this part, as I forgot to print out that page of the directions this month. I need to remember to run upstairs and turn on the printer... run back down and click the print button... run back up and get the copy LOL! You see, when we moved into our newly finished basement back in December, we found our massive copier to be far too heavy for us to carry down to the basement, so it resides nicely in a corner of one of the living rooms upstairs... hey, it is a good way to get exercise, yet I am still avoiding it! I think Mike and I should coordinate - get him to turn it on when he is upstairs one day, I click print, and when he comes back downstairs he can bring the instructions page down. Sound good? I think so!!

I have a rhubarb update for you today. Oh boy, do I have an update LOL! This flower plume is HUGE! I want to sincerely thank so many of you for finding and giving me tons and tons of information on rhubarb a week or so ago when I posted the alien-like picture of my plant! Well, it is not so alien-like now! We will move this plant this year to its own sunny spot in the garden, as I would like to use this area below the trellis for some pretty perennials now.

And, after all the rain came a new iris bloom - isn't this a pretty one? The PVC pipe you see next to it (actually, in front of it) is part of the sump pump we had installed a couple of years ago (after the iris had already been planted, or it would not be hiding behind PVC pipe). We are so glad to have had that sump pump this past week -LOL!

As for office news, here is the latest! Mike and I went down to Haverhill, MA to see my office today. It is in shambles. Very bad. To add insult to injury, my landlord is relatively worthless and painfully slow. We are now looking for a new office in that same area for me. We found a professional medical building on the street that has office space available. They will be calling Mike back tomorrow with more info for us. I hope that works out, it looks quite nice! I doubt my office will be ready to use on Friday, when I next have clients scheduled for there. I will have to try to work something out for those clients. And, I shall try to remember to bring my camera to show you how terrible the damage is. My computer is at the opposite end of the room - what a relief! My sofa, though, is soaked yet again!

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala, and I stitched my name, town, state and country onto Su's Neighborhood RR and packed it up to send right off to Annemarie... to see it before it was packed, you can peek at it here (sorry, the RR blog was not set up to link directly to one entry, just to the entire blog...)


KarenV said...

Sorry about your office :( I hope the damage isn't too bad and you can find an alternative soon.

Barbara said...

I have my fingers crossed that you'll soon be set up in a great new office!

Susimac said...

Hope you get sorted with a new office soon. - I love my NRR its wonderful -Thankyou so much