Monday, May 22, 2006

An Emerald Jeweled Garden Update

It is Monday, and Monday is LTD SAL night. I finished up the little pond at the top of Emerald Jeweled Garden. Now, that was a strange experience, sort of... The instructions are not very detailed, but I was to lay some straight stitches around the pool in triangular patterns (clearly charted out), and then to wrap six strands of DMC around those. What? How? So, I opted to go with the kind of wrapping used with spider web stitches. Looks more wonky on the scan than in real life. I am not sure if I am thrilled with it, but it is OK. I don't know if it is the stitch that is weird or just the directions! I know Karen also found these instructions to be weird when she did this stitch last week, so Liz Turner Diehl managed to make us both a bit confused :-) Anyhow... then I did a whole lot of backstitching tonight, and I just need to do the border and add beads and crystals now. With next Monday being a holiday here (Memorial Day), it is possible I can finish this next week.... unless we decide to go off and do something instead!

I was really amazed to hear from Annemarie today that she has already received Su's RR in Holland! Mike only posted it off to her on Friday! Good job, US Global Priority Mail! Now I won't have to worry about it!

Thanks for the concern about the bear. Mike fixed the PVC pipe that is the exhaust for the sump pump.... other than that, I am not sure what we will do. The animal, if it is a bear, is hungry, but other than that, we don't feel much danger from it at this point.

Stitched on today: Quaker Garden and Emerald Jeweled Garden


Annemarie said...

Your Emerald Jeweled Garden looks wonderful, including the mysterious specialty stitches! I'm also very glad that Su's RR arrived so quickly. I tend to worry about packages in flight, too.

Kitty Couture said...

Your Emerald Garden looks great, Carol!

Karen's Blog said...

Carol, EG is just beuatiful. I just love it !!! Great news that Annemarie has your package. I know what a concern it can be:)

Mel in Dubai said...

EJG is lovely, Carol! I think you did a great job of the stitches with the weird instructions too :)

Von said...

Hi Carol! I'm slowly catching up on some blog reading and have certainly enjoyed seeing all your progress on MTM, EJG, the rr and the Houses! (My apologies if I've missed one. I think there are about ten entries of yours in my Newsgator account.) Even tho I wasn't able to keep up with your blog recently, you've been in my thoughts and prayers during the recent floods.
Your bear story reminds me of the story I heard over the weekend of a bear that was found hiding under someone's deck - in Seattle, near the University of Wash.! A very urban area, not the suburbs or outlying rural communities. I hope your bear is just passing through and causes no more problems. :D