Saturday, May 06, 2006

Celebrations, Day Two

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Karen! You are so very welcome for your gifts! You deserve even more!! You are a dear friend to me!

This is my only bit of stitching for today... the bit of the Crystal Winter sampler that I stitched in Jeannette Douglas' class at Celebrations today. It was a wonderful class. Yes, indeed, Jeannette is a lovely lady and we spent quite a lot of time talking together. Since she is a psychiatric nurse and I am a psychotherapist, we do seem to have a lot in common, and the same odd sense of humor. I did say hello to her from both Judith and Dani, as promised. That tickled her pink :-) Too bad this class was at 8 AM and was only two hours and forty five minutes long... boy, did she feel rushed!!

I brought my camera to Celebrations today, but totally spaced even using it! I didn't take any photos in Jeannette's class... none while Margaret, Jenn, Mary and I visited Colonial Needleworks (those girls can shop!! - we had such fun there, and I know Sue was really pleased that we came in... and spent money! LOL), and not while we then went next door for an outstanding lunch together at Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse - I don't think anyone was disappointed in their meal there, and this will probably become an annual tradition for us now! So, I am so sorry - I spaced the whole picture thing! Too bad, such a great day would have resulted in good pics!

But... here is where I totally fear that Karen and Jenn are just going to kill me!! Mike was a bit in need of some attention when I finally got home from two busy days at Celebration. Since it is our anniversary weekend, he wanted to drive down to Boston this evening and have some dinner and maybe a drink or two on Newbury Street (remember Newbury Street, Karen??).... So, off we went... but as luck would have it, we could not find any parking there. It was a warm, spring Saturday night in the hottest part of town... no parking save for valet - and we were not about to give Mike's new car to a valet! But, as we approached the end of Newbury Street, I noticed that what I saw just a few hundred feet away was the huge light fixtures for Fenway Park! Mike got a sudden idea to see if we could get tickets! It was 6 PM, and the game was at 7:05 PM. We found public parking nearby, and went down to the Park, and very quickly scored two pretty good tickets behind the Red Sox dugout! Girls, we went in and saw the game tonight! Don't kill me!! The Red Sox put a pretty sound beating on the Baltimore Orioles too! Nice, huh?? Karen, next time you are in town, we will try for tickets, I promise! (Foulke didn't pitch tonight). Here is a pic of Manny Ramirez scoring the game's first run.... my throat is a little scratchy from cheering him on right here! (photo is from

OK, I am dead tired! I hope to do a bit more stitching tomorrow!!

Stitched on today: Crystal Winter


~Harsha~ said...

sounds like you had a super time!! Thanks for sharing Carol :)

Barbara said...

I used to live in Boston's South End and would often walk over to Newberry St. I loved it! Your spontaneous Red Sox game sounds like the perfect way for you guys to enjoy some of your anniversary weekend together. Hooray!

Thank you for your emails and your support, Carol. You've no idea how much I appreciate your friendship.

Heather said...

What a perfect end to a perfect weekend with friends at Celebrations.

Kiwi Jo said...

wow, what an awesome day you had! You sound so excited - it's great :)

Happy Anniversary to you and Mike

Nicole said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I'd love to go to Fenway Park someday. That's awesome you were able to get tickets right behind the dugout! I love baseball - I live near Atlanta, so I'm a Braves fan. Boston is coming here in June and that series is pretty much sold out! :)

Nicole said...

I'm sorry we couldn't meet up this weekend but I'm glad to hear you had a good time at Celebrations :) I got home a short while ago and will have a nice long update tomorrow as tonight I am going through all my new projects and will have to take some pictures :)

Von said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend, Carol! Stitching, friends, and a serendipitous baseball game with dh. I don't watch sports much on tv, but have been to several major league
ballgames and really enjoy the game and atmosphere at the park!

tkdchick said...

Thanks for saying Hi to Jeannette for me! You never actually get a lot done in one of her classes as she likes to make sure you learn all the challenging stitches and do them a couple of times.