Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A different kind of Tuesday

No Garden Spot Sampler tonight... that is why this is a different kind of Tuesday. Jo was not able to stitch on hers last week due to a family emergency, so she is stitching without me tonight, to even us up (even though I think she is well ahead of me and has made more progress than I have). Here is my start to Part 8 of Medieval Town Mandala instead :-) (Judi - is that actually one of the Rainbow Gallery golds in the roof of the little house furthest on the end this time? Am I reading that right??).

For Karen: Johnny Damon's first at-bat in Boston in a Yankees uniform. Look at the look on his face?? He actually looks surprised that the Boston fans were booing him! Oh Johnny, you never really knew us at all, did you?? Held hitless by Boston pitching too! (Pic is from www.redsox.com). Oh Karen - also note, there is Doug Mirabelli standing right behind him, back in his Sox uniform too - less then 15 minutes after getting off his plane at Logan Airport! What a night that was (last night)!!

New DVD Release Tuesday! This week... Last Holiday

Stitched on today: Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler (definitely going to run out of Indigo Ocean - even though it clearly states on part 1 that we have enough silk using one skein of each color - I am using 32 ct with two strands, as is recommended... they are way wrong, time to order more!) and Medieval Town Mandala


Unknown said...

WOW if you're going to run out of that colour Carol, that means the rest of us will too.
That speciality stitch with the 'won't cross at the back, just the front' looks like it takes up a lot of a skein.

Judith said...

It is going to be a beautifull part too. I just started on part 8 too. The first building is almost finished already.
You are right about the golds in the roof I have looked at the stitched model and saw the blinkering of the gold in it, so that is correct and it looks great too.

Bastet said...

the town is really starting to come together.

Karen's Blog said...

Carol,I never get sick of seeing your beautiful MTM. I am so jealous. LOL. I see where the Yankees-Red sox game was postponed due to rain and won't replayed until August. I looked everywhere but it wasn't broadcast here:( Thanks for posting the Johnny Damon photos. I figured I'd here the boos from down here. LOL