Friday, May 12, 2006

Therapy School

Well, first the good stuff...stitching, of course! I worked on MTM for a bit tonight after we got home from Maine :-)

Well, I had "therapy school" today - I attended the trauma conference... boring... I had no interest in the first part of the seminar, and that wiped me out... plus the brown ale I drank at Sebago Brewing Company during our lunch break also wore me out... some of the eating disorders info in the second part of the conference was quite good (the reason I enrolled in this seminar!), but really nobody in the room seemed to be focused at all.. add the caffeine crash... well, I am glad it is over and I have my CEU certificate now :-)

Boy, did it rain today - more in Maine than here, but in buckets!! The damaged tire made it home OK. Mike spent the morning making calls while I was in the conference - he has a new tire ordered, a new rim... and found out the auto insurance company will help him out without making a mark on his driving record. Yes! The rim for that car is soooooo expensive, as is the tire - it has some kind of racing car tires on it... which is probably why the tire survived that hit against the curb as well as it did!

I think Mike took some photos of our trip - not many due to the lousy weather - but he is too tired to download them tonight - I will keep an eye out for them and see if there are any to share!

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala


Heather said...

MTM looks good Carol. Shame that you didn't really enjoy the conference too much. I bet you're glad to be home again though.

Jenna said...

Sorry to hear that the day was mostly a bust. You're really making headway on MTM, though! I'm glad that Mike was able to get the insurance company to help defray the cost of the rim and tire. What kind of car did he buy again?

Karoline said...

You've made great progress on your wips this week

Barbara said...

Sorry the conference was a bust, but at least you didn't need to jump on an ark to get home again! Mom can't believe how much rain they've gotten up in her neck of the woods.

~Harsha~ said...

MTM is really growing at a nice rate!

zoeandcooper said...

Looking wonderful, Carol! Seems this part is being a bit more cooperative so far. Hope it continues to be compliant:)