Saturday, May 13, 2006

It is time to build an ark

A crooked scan, but here it is... what I got done on MTM today. I have really mixed feelings - should I keep forging ahead, or should I swap to something else tomorrow? Why am I racing to get it done right away, it is only the 13th of May. After all, I am a rotation stitcher at heart, and I realized today that I am not so happy doing MTM for several days at a time... I feel other projects are neglected... so maybe tomorrow I will work on the Neighborhood RR instead... I think I just talked myself into that...
This photo is posted here for Barbara. Viewing her photos in her blog today of her family's recent outing to the Keukenhof flower fields made me very reminiscent of the trip Mike and I took there in March, 2001. So.... I dug around in our old photo files on the computer and chose to share this one.. I was the heaviest I have ever, ever been in my life at that time, but in this pic, you really cannot see that.... so I chose it!!! This visit to the Keukenhof was a highlight of the trip. For it was on that trip that we learned our persian, PC, had taken quite ill at the vet and had to be put down due to kidney failure. It was a hard thing to go through while we were all the way across the Atlantic at the time... (Oh my gosh! I just noticed I had very long purple fingernails back then! Well, that was before I turned 40 - LOL!!)

As my entry title says, it is time to build an ark - seriously. We are on day what?... um four or five now of rain - today it is very heavy rain and we had to drive to Massachusetts to do Mother's Day with my husband's mother/birthday with his uncle... Now I hear the rain shall continue to Wednesday. We are in the zone of heaviest rain with flooding of the rivers. No river near me, so all is OK right now... there is a lake not too far away, I wonder how that is doing!

Kudos to Ryan Newman - two top ten finishes two weeks in a row now.... maybe he will finally break through with a win soon!

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala


Unknown said...

What a lovely photo of you Carol. I noticed the long purple nails ;)

Well I will catch up with your blog in a couple of weeks when I return from my holiday.

Happy stitching.

Dianne said...

Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes.
I really like this photo of you-and your nails (at least you have some).

Mel in Dubai said...

I think it's a lovely photo, Carol :)

Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes also.

Take a break from MTM tomorrow - you deserve it!

Annemarie said...

This is a lovely picture of you, Carol, in spite of the purple fingernails. Did you ever paint yours black? I did. But that was before I was 20 :o)
Take a break from your rotation. I have completely given up mine. But you will be pleased to know that I'm going to work on your Neighbourhood today! I wouldn't want you to finish my square, that would be too embarrassing!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the Mother's day wishes Carol. A lovely day to you as well.


Kitty Couture said...

What a lovely picture! Thank you for sharing it :)

You should definitely take a break from MTM if you're not happy with sticking to it for several days in a row - what is our hobby for if we're not to enjoy it thoroughly? :)

Have a great Sunday! I hope the rain goes away soon. Here in Paris it is finally sunny for the second day, after weeks of rain!

mainely stitching said...

That's a lovely picture, Carol - thanks for sharing! You look so happy in it!!

I hope the rains will let up and no ark will be needed!

Wishing you a loving day.

Unknown said...

Your stitching is beautiful as usual. I miss Mermaid Heaven! It seems like you were very close to finishing that one and it's so pretty. I also miss your DT sampler. :)

Cathy B said...

Raining here in MN too - I enjoy watching the progress on all of your stitching projects!

Von said...

Thank you for your Mother's Day wishes, Carol! I enjoyed catching up with your entries of this week and what a treat to see a pic of you, even if it is from a a few years ago.
Wish we could send you some of our warmth and sunshine. The weatherman say's we're going to possibly break some records for heat this week. It's been in the 70s, today will be 80s and the rest of the week 90s!!

Miz said...

I was wondering how you were surviving the rains/floods when I heard on the news about all the weather over there.

Make sure to grab the cats and cross stitch projects two by two if you end up building that ark.

Sasha Farina said...

lovely photo! and love those fingernails! LOL..