Friday, May 19, 2006

Celebrating Erin's birthday, a disgusting office, Caitlin's prom, and, of course, stitching!

Since tonight was a night for going out to celebrate my niece Erin's 13th birthday (which was actually on Wednesday the 17th), I didn't really feel like picking up MTM when we got home... but I did find some time to finish the small roof and fill in several more windows on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow instead :-)

Q. Lately, it seems that many stitching bloggers have experienced a loss
of their stitching mojo. Have you ever lost your stitching mojo? If
so, how did you get it back and how long did it take?

A. In all honesty, I lost my interest in stitching for a good full year just about three or four years ago. I think I was totally distracted by getting my relatively new garden all set up and going, as we bought this house brand new five years ago... maybe my slump goes back to then, but I know it lasted about a year. I wish I could remember what got me back into the swing of things.... not too sure! I'm not very helpful, now am I?
This is the only picture from my Haverhill office that did not come out blurry today. I don't know what I am doing wrong with this camera, but I am going to re-read my manual this weekend! I wanted to get a picture of the ruined ceiling, but those photos are terrible.... but here you get the basic idea... this is the loveseat I sit on when I am in counseling with somebody.... oh, the stink of mold that is already growing in there! I see the landlord put a fan in the window yesterday.... too little, too late, I am afraid.
The rain just keeps flirting with us here in New England... here is the angry sky over my head as I was driving home this afternoon.... looks like all it needed was a sparkly dragon to come flying out of it, something along the lines of Teresa Wentzler's of Jenn Aikman-Smith's work would have been just about right!

Tonight we met up at Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse to celebrate my niece, Erin's, 13th birthday. Mom brought her camera and my brother just emailed me some pics! Cool, as I was lamenting having forgotten to bring my camera! From left to right outside the restaurant is Mike (my DH), Renee (my SIL), myself and Scott (my brother)...
Down at the "rowdy" end of the table (this is debatable - the adult end had its share of rowdiness tonight!!) was Erin and her four friends she was allowed to invite along (Erin is furthest to the right in the front row with the headband in her hair and the big Cheshire grin)... Somehow, I missed getting a good picture of my middle niece, Nicole, who was very much there... hmmm.... I better go through those pictures Scott sent me again!!
And, tonight, Caitlin, my 17 year old niece, was very noticebaly absent... because she was at her Junior Social (aka Prom) tonight with her relatively new boyfriend... whose name I cannot try to spell, he is Russian and has a nice ethnic name... the family seems to like this new boyfriend better than the horror show she was dating for the past several years! I barely recognize Caitlin all dolled up like this!! LOL

Stitched on today: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow


Barbara said...

I love the pictures you posted, Carol! Your nieces are gorgeous (I guess you're aware of that) and it looks like a fun party. That's some skyline! Here, it's COLD today, and wet & windy. No flooding, though!

Zohrah said...

All the girls and ladies certainly looks beautiful in these family.

Jenn said...

mmmmm Shorty's. I can't wait to get to go there again. Erin and her friends look like they were having a lot of fun.

Caitlin looks so pretty for her 'prom.'

HHR is looking good. From seeing it in person scans just don't do the colors in this piece justice.

Keep up the good work.

Annemarie said...

Awww, what lovely pictures, Carol. Well, except the one of your office. Teh weather here is pretty awful, too. It feels like fall rather than spring, storms included. At the risk of sounding like a lunatic, I actually like it...

Karen's Blog said...

Great photos of your dinner out Carol. Gosh the girls are all growing up fast. Nice to hear that Caitlin has a new boyfriend.

The photos of the weather look so ominous. Be careful driving my friend.

Dianne said...

I too enjoy seeing family photos. Your niece looks lovely for her prom! Soon you'll have a graduation piece to stitch for her (I made two in the last 3 yrs and will be making one next year for another nephew).

Lelia said...

They are a gorgeous-looking couple. "bad" boyfriends are a nightmare IMO.

As a parent, many things have me walking around holding my breath, so to speak -- but it is so hard to let the kids hang out with the wrong sort of friends. It is the worst.

Heather said...

Your niece looks like she's enjoying her Birthday celebrations. Your other niece looks beautiful in her dress.

Will you have to purchase new furniture now? I am so sorry to hear your news about the storms.