Thursday, August 24, 2006

Back to Mystery IX

I went back to Mystery IX again tonight, with about a week left in the month, and I want to get this part finished. If I stay motivated, I will finish Part 8 this weekend and then I hope to do some of the beading on MTM too. I think Mystery IX is beautiful!

Thank you to everyone who left nice feedback about Blessings Be Thine. Yes, it is a Blackbird Designs chart. It is from 2005, and is not a Loose Feathers Club chart. If you cannot locate it, I believe that Colonial Needleworks has it in stock. If you email Sue at the shop, she can help you out. She takes mail orders, and she carries the R&R linens as well. I am using Sugar Maple Fabrics' Acorns & Chestnuts belfast for mine.

Q. What do you keep your WIPs and other stitching supplies in when traveling?
A. This is what I like to use - plastic file folders that either snap closed like this one does or have a string that ties it closed. I prefer the snap ones since my cats like to chew on the ones with the string closures. I get them at WalMart and they are quite inexpensive. This one has Blessings Be Thine in it.
I feel terribly about how long it has taken me to post this. I received this lovely belated birthday gift from Kathy a few days ago. She sent me this cute little ort bag that I can put on the side of my chair - I think I will bring it to my office! I have it on top of one of my stash cabinets in this photo. And, she sent me some nice little hand-dyed fabrics too! Thanks Kathy! I am so sorry to hear her sad news about her grandfather passing away. Hugs to you!!
My flower for the day to my stitching pals is: Daylily: Always Afternoon

Stitched on today: Mystery IX


KarenV said...

I use the same kind of snap-closure folders for my WIPs :) It works really well for me.

Anonymous said...

You're making good progress on Mystery IX and I agree it is beautiful

Anonymous said...

Mystery IX looks great. It is a very pretty piece.

bunnyhead said...

Plastic envelopes are a very clever idea. You are super organized! I love the organizer Kathey sent.

Kathy said...

Hey Carol, glad you like the ort bag and material hun.

I use those sorts of snap floers for my wips when I am travelling too.

Hugs xxxxx

Judith said...

MIX is going to be beautifull. Yesterday I started stitching MTM again to get the other 3 corners finished. You will probaly be sooner finished with MTM than me as I am going on vacation friday early in the morning. So it depends on when the last part will come if I can stitch it on vacation or not.

Michelle said...

M9 looks fantastic. So inspiring! Can't wait to see the beads on MTM too!

Stitch or no stitch said...

What a gorgeous daylily & such a lovely name.
Your mystery IX is turning out so pretty. This project must take an enormous amount of work & concentration.


BeckySC said...

Nice progress, Carol. It's really coming along!

Yep, the iris are recovering from their journey. I have a wagon full of daylillies and cannas to plant over the weekend, so it will be getting planted as well. Thank you again my friend!

Have a great weekend!

hugs to you

Anonymous said...

hi Carol ! I just wanted to write some words to say that I like your blog very much ! I have one question, do you know where I can get this fabric you have on the picture (your thread bin). It seems to be dark red with grey houses on it, and trees.. thanxxx !
my mail is leblogdargone at yahoo dot fr