Friday, August 11, 2006

The ladies are back

When I told Mike tonight that I was not sure what I was going to stitch, but that the mermaids sounded good, he totally agreed. Clearly, he likes these mermaids a bit. So, I worked on them. They are really growing now. It is amazing how little stitching is left on them. But then there is a bit of backstitching followed by a whole lot of beading to do. I am excited that with MTM ending next month, my time for Mermaids of the Deep Blue should increase markedly. But, I really need to now get to Part 8 of Mystery 9 before I really get too involved in this. Mystery 9 will probably take me a few days this month.

After my day started with some difficulty (I got stung on the back of my neck by a wasp while Mike was dropping his car off at the auto detailer... and then I ran into the post office to mail off a late birthday gift to Bine and the Harvest Moon chart and a back issue of SANQ to Barbara, and while in the PO a wasp jumped off my hair and onto the counter.. a clerk quickly crushed it with his wallet and took it away... boy, did that bug bite hurt!), I went to visit Sue for at least a couple of hours. We had fun while she put together some projects she wants to stitch for her children. I managed to pick up a fat quarter of Willow belfast by Picture This Plus, an eighth of R&R Reproductions 32 ct Dark Espresso for La-D-Da's Flower Basket, Heart in Hand's Gardening Medley chart with buttons, and a whole bunch of GAST and WDW threads for various projects!! I already put it all away, though.

Speaking of La-D-Da, I noticed that Lori does a stunning job of putting her initials into many of her designs. And, they are really key to how nice the design looks.... but she doesn't give us an alphabet chart to do our own initials in the same manner. Argh. That is a problem with Flower Basket. But, I think I can find my initials on Red Heart Sampler and will probably have to figure out how to enlarge them. Note to Lori, please give us alphabets for personalization - thanks!!

Does anyone else wonder this - I think some ebay sellers are buying new charts, photocopying them and then immediately selling them. That makes me nuts. I watch a few sellers and they are not shops. But they do have brand new releases up all the time, and are ones that are not too complicated to photocopy. How legitimate is that?? I refuse to bid when I suspect that... am I the only suspicious person? I mean, why keep buying brand new charts and then ebaying them right away?? How could anyone keep buying charts and then suddenly realizing they don't want them? It's just too fishy to me! That is just as bad as stitchers who shoplift fibers and beads from their LNS's... and we all know that some people are not above doing that either!
Daylily: Canadian Sunrise

Stitched on today: Mermaids of the Deep Blue


KarenV said...

Ouch! Sorry you got stung - I'm really wary of wasps and can't sit still outside if there's one hovering around.

Mermaids are looking gorgeous - not long now until they're done!

I've had the problem of the designer not providing personalization with the Fancy Work chart too. It bugs me a bit (well, a lot really) - I think if you buy a chart, you should be able to stitch it as is, if you want to, using the same alphabet/font style as the designer did without having to find an alternative or create one yourself.

Don't know what to say about the Ebay charts - sounds fishy to me (and definitely not legal if it's true).

Gosh, I'm chatty this morning LOL! Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Mermaids are great. And I love your Daylily. If only I could garden as well as I stitch (but I know it's hopeless). What will you do in place of the Mermaids when they are done?

Again, it was fun yesterday afternoon, but you influence me too much, but I guess it's really ok :). I should have Rainbow Hearts done in no time. It is fun to stitch something that you can get done in 2-3 evenings.

Kathy said...

Wow I am looking forward to seeing the finished result of your Mermaids. Your DH choose well he he.

I am thinking of stitching on mine again today hopefully I will have bit more of the tail done lol.

Ouch the sting must of hurt, hope you feel better soon hun.

Hugs xxxxx

Carol said...

Your mermaids are looking so pretty. I have the chart and I've love to start on it, but have other stitching to do first. As for the photocopying of new charts, I guess I don't see the problem with this. If there is a demand for new charts and the people are on eBay to make money, then I could see how people would make a copy for themselves and sell the chart. There have been a few charts that have been out only a week or so and I couldn't find it anywhere except on eBay. However, if the photocopies are being sold, then it is illegal and if I were to unknowingly buy one, I would report the seller not only to eBay but to the chart's designer. I hope to get into designing charts soon and I wouldn't want my chart copies sold illegally.

Karoline said...

Owi, sorry you got stung. Both your mermaids and MTM are looking gorgeous.

Glenna said...

Yow on the sting! I've wondered a lot of things about ebay recently; it isn't as "nice" and innocent as it used to be, and as a result, I think I am buying a lot less. Plus I've been stung a couple of times by unethical sellers, so while I look a lot and bid occasionally, I'm not as excited by it as I used to be. I'd rather buy online or from an LNS, from a seller I know is legit. Mermaids are looking great!

Kath said...

ooooh, that wasp sure got hi comuppence!! Hope you are ok.

Haven't looked at your blog for a day or two or three, loved part 11 of MTM and your mermaids.

Things are just a bit more relaxed on Ebay again it seems. Not good.

Love your lillies.

Susan said...

Your mermaids are gorgeous! You'll have it finished in no time, although I don't envy you the backstitching.

tkdchick said...

The mermaids are just lovely!

Lelia said...

OH MY! Sorry to hear of your 'sting' or 'bite' Wow. Those really hurt. I was stung in the arm & after the pain - there was the nagging itching. Take care of your neck.

I like your mermaids, too. They are very beautiful!

You so hit my nerve in your post re. stealing. b/c that is what it is in a nutshell. It is always possible that a person bought a chart & realized they had it already -- or were gifted the chart; however, that should occur once a blue moon, not several times.

I didn't realize the designer hadn't been adding the alphabet for personalization, what an oversight.

Thanx for your comment re. our garage cats (Mom & kittens) -- nine cats in the garage! It is really difficult for me. I'm used to housepets & they are so friendly & cuddly. This female has been hanging around for nearly a year & never let any of us near her until she was very pregnant. She voluntarily went into our garage on 4th of July - and I won't let her out b/c I don't want her pregnant AGAIN. (maybe she is in season again--no howling yet) We are debating having her altered & still, we cannot be certain she will hang around once the kittens are in new homes. She does come to me when I enter the garage & lets me pet her. I think she sat on my lap once for about 10 seconds. So, not a friendly feline.

Jenna said...

The things people do on eBay just fries me. Seriously. I'm sorry to hear about your wasp bite! :(

Von said...

Hi again, Carol! I'm slowly catching up with your blog. :)
I seldom spend time on ebay, but it wouldn't surprise me to hear of some sellers copying charts to resell, especially if ebay isn't watching very closely. It does make me mad tho! It's simple stealing and puts honest people out of business. Perhaps they should give designing a try and get the other perspective. They won't, requires too much work and creativity!