Friday, August 25, 2006

Facing the (last) corner

I kept up with Mystery IX tonight. I have made it to the final corner now. I love this garden more every time I pick it up to stitch on it. I really love the Thread Gatherer Bronze Age Green silk that Martina is using in this garden. It is pretty much everywhere in the design. It is more of an antique gold color. But it really stands out and, I think, pulls this project together. I also love, love, love the Lavender Bliss belfast on which this is being stitched. Hopefully tomorrow I will still feel motivated and will finish Part 8.
It's been a stressy couple of weeks as I have been staying at the office and preparing for my record review with a major insurance company that is scheduled for 9 AM Monday morning. I went into the office today just to do what I needed to do to make sure all the i's were dotted and the t's were crossed. Then I went straight to Colonial Needleworks to visit my friend (she listened to my anxiety - thanks Sue!!!) and to pick up some stash to help me to relax a bit! I picked up these great new charts - Spring Violets by Hands To Work (Sue knew I wanted this brand new release, and there it was for me when I got there!) and the new Loose Feathers Club design from Blackbird Designs, Garden of Life. It also included some super pretty R&R 30 ct Alabaster. Nice color, and a nice large cut too!!! Not in the photo are the 6 skeins of Crescent Colours floss for Heart of Gold, and some linens I had special ordered from Sue - R&R 30 ct Liberty Gathering Gray for The Apple and the Oak (and thank you, Karen, for sending me the Anchor floss for this wonderful sampler - I got the other four colors on ebay last week!!)- and R&R 35 ct 18th Century Gold for Quaker Diamond. And... I got some 40 ct Flax linen for Memorial Sampler - it was a good day!! Oh, Sue has a gorgeous supply of hand dyed linens in from Enchanted Fabrics right now! Wow, so pretty!!! If you are in the Southern NH area, you may want to stop in and see them yourself! I was good... so far... and didn't get any!
Daylily: Blackberry Candy

Stitched on today: Mystery IX


Heather said...

I absolutely love the Heart design Carol, that needs to go on my wish list now I think.

Your Mystery looks great, as always.

bunnyhead said...

I am so envious of your stash! Your mystery sampler looks fantastic! I didn't realize it was being stitched on lavender fabric, I think my monitor needs adjusting! Can't wait to see what the next part looks like!

Anonymous said...

Mystery IX is so pretty. I didn't realize the color of the fabric either, so the piece must be even prettier than it looks.

Thanks for all the nice comments.

The Daylily is super pretty too.

Jenna said...

Mystery IX is looking great. You'll have that last corner tackled in no time! I adore Lavender Bliss, as well. I think it's one of my favorite of the standard colors. Like the others, I didn't realize that this is the color that you are using, but it is a subtle one that probably doesn't show up well in pictures. :)

Susan said...

Your mystery is beautiful! Hope the review going smoothly for you.

Isabelle said...

Great progress on Mystery IX, Carol! And aw, you got the new Blackbird Designs! Love it!
Enjoy your weekend :)

Karoline said...

Great progress on Mystery 9 Carol

Cathy said...

I'm looking forward to stitching the new BD Loose Feathers too!

Good luck on Monday!

Cathy said...

I'm looking forward to stitching the new BD Loose Feathers too!

Good luck on Monday!