Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Goal for 2008

I didn't really bother to set any stitching goals for 2008, but tonight I did come up with one... I would really like to finish Houses of Hawk Run Hollow this year. To that end, I worked some more on the night sky tonight.

Thanks for the sweet words about my finishes for 2007... which reminds me, I have to do my monthly goals...
December Goals:
1. Continue to work on Serenity -yes
2. Continue to work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow -yes
3. Continue to work on Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace -yes
4. Start A Christmas Quaker on Christmas Eve -yes
5. Stitch and send Crazy Exchange I signed up for a month ago... -yes, and Bianca has received it
6. Stitch and finish Stitchers Lottery entry by 12/31 -yes, and Hazel won the lottery today - congratulations Hazel!!
7. Stitch and send Crazy Exchange Christmas Exchange -yes, and it has been in the mail to Janaina since December 4th...
8. Stitch some gifts -yes, I stitched 7 gifts
9. Start Fair & Square blocks for Laura -yes, and I posted them off to her a few days ago
10. Stitch and send Stitching Bloggers Christmas Exchange to Natty -yes, and Natty has received it
11. Start Lauren's Neighborhood Round Robin -no....
12. Stitch at least one PIF -yes, I stitched 3 PIFs
Did I forget to add "work on Spring Ride"?? Well... I did :-)

January Goals:
1. Continue to work on Serenity
2. Continue to work on A Quaker Christmas
3. Continue to work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
4. Continue to work on Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace
5. Stitch both Scissor Fob Exchanges (I ended up with two partners...)
6. Stitch and send Frosty Friends Exchange -already stitched and mailed off on 12/24/07
7. Stitch and send Winter House Exchange by January 10
8. Stitch and send Winter Quaker Exchange by January 15
9. Stitch and send Lauren's NRR to Annemarie by January 15
10. Stitch some gifts
11. Stitch at least one PIF
12. Stitch and send next Hello Neighbor Group One RR to Nicole, if I get one in time to finish it...
13. Continue to stitch on Spring Ride SAL
14. Stitch an ornament
15. Stitch and send off SBEBB Valentine's Day Exchange by Feb 1
16. Stitch and send off Crazy Exchange Valentine's Day Exchange by Feb 1
17. Start a new Crazy Exchange

Back to work tomorrow....

Stitched on today: Started one of Scissor Fob Exchange projects, and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow


DaisyGirl said...

You, my girl have a ton of goals! Good luck doing them! I'm trying to pull threads for VoHHR to start soon. Hope you have a great year!

valerie said...

Wow! That's a lot of stitching. I don't know how you do it! I find it truly amazing...

Annemarie said...

Your monthly goals make me short of breath, Carol...

I really hope you get to finish HoHRH this year, but knowing you that won't be a problem at all!

Happy New Year, Carol and Mike!!!

Unknown said...

Looking good! You sure got a lot of stitching done in 2007!

Carla said...

You did absolutely great on your December goals!
I'm sure you'll will finish HoHRH this year :)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

With you all things are possible Carol...if you say "you'd like to get the Houses done in 2008" They WILL get done! I'm sure of that! :)
GREAT job!!! on all that you've done and WHOO HOO for Hazel, she'll be getting some LOVELY things ;)

Karoline said...

Good luck with finishing HoHRH in 2008, it's looking gorgeous

Mary Ann said...

I loved seeing the slideshow of your 2007 finishes! And, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow is looking great!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Best of luck getting HOHRH done I know you can!

Anonymous said...

Wow Carol you have had a busy 2007, they all look great as always hun.

Happy New Year.


Janaina said...

Hopefully one of the scissor fob partners is ME!:o)

Susan said...

Finishing HoHRH would be a wonderful accomplishment for 2008, so I'll wish you all the best!

Happy New Year to you and your family, Carol - I'm glad I discovered your blog in 2007 - you've definitely been an inspiration!

Michelle said...

Good for you! I think you can totally finish HOHRH this year!