Friday, January 18, 2008

I am so relieved!

I am so relieved because Janaina finally received the Christmas Exchange (from Crazy Exchange) that I sent to her (via Priority Mail!) back on December 4, 2007! It took six weeks to get to her, but at last, it is safe and sound in Brazil! Who knows where it has been hanging out for so long.

Greetings from New Hampshire Ornament

Lindy Jane Designs

32 ct Natural Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

The photo is terribly blurry as I took it with the flash off (for unknown reasons), and did not realize the photo was blurry until after the package was all sealed up... but here are the rest of the goodies I sent her. There is a much better photo (several of them, actually) in Janaina's blog. I am so happy you like my choices, Janaina! Christmas in Brazil is so tropical, and I thought an ornament with the wintry touch of New England on it would be unique on your tree... sadly, it will have to wait until Christmas 2008 to be used. Thanks for being so patient, Janaina! Now, if only the birthday package I sent to Tannia on the day after Thanksgiving (November 20 something) would arrive in Australia... that would be a good thing!

I got up early this morning and finished up Lauren's Neighborhood Round Robin. I used elements from Christmas Day by The Prairie Schooler. Lauren's theme is Winter, or as I call it, Lauren's Winter Wonderland.

Here is how her entire round robin is looking now. I love it. I mailed this off to Annemarie this afternoon - three days late, sorry!!! Now, after having finished 2007 with stitching the Frosty Friends exchange, and starting off 2008 with more wintry stitching - Winter House exchange, Winter Quaker exchange, Lauren's Winter Wonderland... I am really looking forward to not stitching tons of snow for a while now...

So... I started the SBEBB Valentine's Day Exchange project today - so different and colorful! I am enjoying it so much that I am now going to disappear and continue to work on it! I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

Oh! I almost forgot! Scissor fobs are beginning to arrive at their new homes in the very first exchange run over on Hooked On Exchanging, and they are real beauties! I am so proud of the stitchers in this exchange! If you want to join up, just let me know. There will be a couple of new exchanges opening soon, and many more will be run in the future :-)

Stitched on today: Finished Lauren's Neighborhood Round Robin, and started SBEBB Valentine's Day Exchange **Mailed Lauren's Neighborhood Round Robin to Annemarie today


Vonna said...

Now if my return gift to Janaina would get there, I'll be happy :)
Yours to her was beautiful Carol as always and I love how you stitched NH :)
Lauren's Winter Wonderland is spectacular!
Have fun stitching your valentine!

Kathy A. said...

What a beautiful piece you picked and it is even more beautiful stitched. I love Lauren's Winter Wonderland and look forward to stitching on it too. Your gift to Brazil certainly took it's time - by mule perhaps - I love the Quaker biscornu from your last post. The color is gorgeous.

staci said...

Lauren's Winter Wonderland really is fabulous, I love the block you stitched!

Wow, that was one long trip!!! A really cute ornie Carol, well worth the wait :)

Carol R said...

Lauren's Winter Wonderland RR is absolutely gorgeous as is the Quaker biscornu and Jainana's fob. Great stitching as ever

Tannia said...

I had a parcel posted in teh US on 31 October and It didn't arrive till CHristmas Eve Carol :) Your parcel will show's probably just enjoying the scenery!


Cenoura said...

Carol, your works are really great!
Love them!
Best wishes from Portugal
Maria Joao

Janaina said...

Like? You mean, if I like it?! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!:o) I am thrilled untill now!!!!!! (attention to the high number of "!" I use: that meas REALLY excited me)
I thank you very much, Carol... It was a lovely pack , carefully sorted, and full of good vibes. I was like a child with my new toys, showing every single piece to my husband! Lol.I could not expect that much.
Your ornie is carefuly wrapped and stored waiting for 2008 Xmas.:o)It was really a long trip. I dunno what is happening.. Usualy my US packs took around 10 days to get me, but now... Jeez! :o( Hope Xmas mess is the reason of this.
Thank you again and again!

Annemarie said...

What a gorgeous ornie, Carol! Where DO you find these charts?

Love the RR and I can't wait to start working on it!

Dani said...

Hurray for packages arriving. Lauren's RR is looking wonderful. Have a great weekend Carol!

Sharon said...

Cute exchange! Lauren's RR looks great and is perfect for her theme! Hope your weeekend is a good one!

stitcherw said...

The exchanges and presents you've been giving and receiving are lovely. Also, congratulations on finishing the RR square. The winter wonderland theme is such fun, and your square, especially the cheery little red bird, is so pretty.

Cathy B said...

Hi Carol. Glad that your exchange for Janaina finally turned up! Your design choice fits Lauren's neighborhood RR perfectly!

Are you ready for football tomorrow?

Susan said...

What a beautiful gift for Janaina; I'm glad it arrived safely; I always wonder where packages go when they're in transit - maybe they winter in Florida?

I'm going to have to look into "hooked on exchanging". I've just finished up my last exchange piece for the SBEBB, and might like to sign up for something new.

Mylene said...

That's a beautiful ornamnet you sent and wow! such great goodies too.

Barbara said...

The NRR and ornament are both stunning!

Carla said...

Glad the ornie got to Brazil safe and sound :) It's lovely!

Sally said...

What a cute ornament and I love Lauren's Winter Wonderland:) That would be my type of neighbourhood too!

Leena said...

It's a really lovely ornament, Carol, great that it arrived finally! My exchange to Venezuela finally arrived too, it's always such a relief :)

tkdchick said...

That blustery RR looks great!

Lillie said...

That a great exchange.

Loved the neighbourhood.

Michelle said...

Lauren's RR looks beautiful - the block you chose is fabulous. I really love her theme.