Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Monday

While it is hard to get up and go back to work on Mondays, it is not hard to select what to stitch... Angel of Love, of course!!

Excellent news today!! Nikki finished her Legends of the Dragons over the weekend too!!!! Woo Hoo!! That was a fun SAL, thanks Nikki!

Hmmmm.... this is an interesting discovery I made today. I went to Victoria Clayton's website out of curiosity. There is a skein of "Natural" silk in my silk pack for Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, yet I can not find it on the color key. So, while I had free time today, I went to her site to doublecheck that... and lo and behold! She has completely changed her conversion for Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. It looks like she adjusted many of the colors now to be more in line with the real colors used by Carriage House Samplings. I have some of the silks here that she changed in her conversion, and they are deeper colors. Interesting... Well, if anyone wants the list of colors for the conversion I am using (the lovely, subtle shades), I can give that to you. Oh, and it appears I do have all I need, and that the "natural" silk is the alternate for the white floss... I wonder what the new conversion will look like stitched up??

A little stash came today :-) My beads for Mirabilia's Santa's Magic and a fat quarter of Sugar Maple Fabric 28 ct Jubilee in the very bright, outrageous shade of Circus :-)

Stitched on today: Angel of Love


Miz said...

You know based on the picture alone, I don't think I would have liked Angel of Love. However, the photo does not do the finished product justice! I changed my mind when I saw one that someone had stitched.

You're making some good progress.

bunnyhead said...

I wanna see that outragous stash you got and know what you'll be stitching on it. ;) AoL looks great. It seems like you only just started it? You really must have an electric needle.

Nicole said...

Angel of Love is an amazing piece, all those details!

Thanks again for the Stitch-A-Long. I am looking forward to starting Green Old Gardens real soon as a treat for finishing Legends :)

Kathy said...

Angel of Love looks great hun, wow she is stunning, looking forward to the next update on her

Hugs xxxxxxx

zoeandcooper said...

Boy is she coming along nicely. Great Job!! Is it a pain stitching her gown with all of those color changes?

Katrina said...

ohh very nice Carol, the more I see your Angel of Love, I want to stitch her too. Its uncanny you mention Santa's Magic as I was just thinking about the pattern for it the other day and are seriously thinking about starting it sometime next year. Do you have a fabric choice for it? :)
PS: will email you later today with my addy.

Jenny said...

Oh, your Angel of Love is just beautiful so far! :)

KarenV said...

Angel of Love is looking gorgeous Carol - you're making great progress!

I emailed you about the HoHRH VC conversion :)