Saturday, November 05, 2005

Mermaids today ... stitched one, bought one...

Ah, Saturday! Not a lot of time for stitching today - after I watched the NASCAR Busch Series race (Ryan led the most laps today, but bad pit strategy left him coming in 16th....LOL - you just can't win them all, five straight in Busch Series was awesome anyhow!!), we went out to look at furniture for the relatively soon to be finished basement. I found a set I like a lot, and Mike found one he likes... we will figure something out! Then to get a quick bite and visit the Mall... and home a bit late, but still time to work a bit on Mermaid Heaven - I enjoyed playing with all the bright colors in the mother's tail tonight - and I started a little of the water - there is a lot of that to do before this is done :-)

Isn't this mermaid a stunner??!! This is Pacifica, a new release by White Willow Stitching - I picked her up on ebay (but directly from White Willow Stitching), along with Goddess of Hope. I think Pacifica is simply gorgeous!

No Medium Treat Bag again from Silkweaver today... Jenn taught me how to track my shipping date (thanks again Jenn!) and I learned that they only just shipped it yesterday. Why so long before shipping? Oh well, that's my rotten luck. If I am lucky, it will come on Monday - which is the day everything usually comes anyhow, right? Geesh.
Here Beau, Ava and Lily are taking over the sofa... my main stitching area... last night. I guess that is why I am always pulling so much cat hair out of my stitching??

Stitched on today: Mermaid Heaven

P.S. - We are just loving the warmer temps here this week!!! This is what I would call a great way to start November!!


Bea said...

Carol, your mermaid is coming out lovely. I like her very much!

AnneS said...

Ooh, I agree, Pacifica is a stunning chart! I have a friend who'd love this one ... the cats and their coup over the sofa crack me up too! LOL.

Heather said...

Wow Pacifica looks stunning, I can't wait to see you start on that one.
You're doing really well with your mermaid, she really is coming along nicely now.
I couldn't sleep a couple of nights ago and I did watch NASCAR, but they put it on so late over here in the UK to watch.
Have a great weekend.

Kiwi Jo said...

Your kitties look so comfy! I knew Pete would love the Pacifica chart so I showed him, his eyes glazed over, he had a big goofy grin on his face and said "oh yeah baby" (I think you had to be there to get the full effect!). Let's just say he has a thing for Mermaids. Mermaid Heaven is more my style and she is so beautiful. Enjoy your Sunday!

Christine Doyle said...

What beautiful fur babies! I just love long hairs - and they look so comfy!

Pacifica does look good - it will be interesting to see her all stitched up. Can't wait for your pics!

Bastet said...

Mermaid Heaven is looking wonderful. And Pacifica is lovely. I was eyeing her on the updates page a few days ago. As for the cats are they just sleeping or are they looking up numbers to call? (my female likes to lay on the phone if we don't put it back on the charger. (it's a cordless)And doesn't like it when we have to put a hand under her to find it.

Zohrah said...

Inch by inch the mermaid is progressing really well. :)

Pacifica is stunning mermaid but don't think I would be able to stitch with her eyes following me in the room. I might veil her

Last Saturday, I pet the local cat and ends up sneezing the whole day even after washing my hands and face. Cats are wonderful creatures but forbidden for me. :(

Jenna said...

What beautiful cats you have, Carol! Mermaid Heaven still looks wonderful, as always. You're making great progress. And I totally agree with you about the weather. It's been a really nice week; I was actually able to go out and work in the yard yesterday. Unheard of for November! :)