Friday, November 04, 2005


Tonight was all about gold braid.... lots and lots of gold braid LOL!! It's a great effect, though! Now it is time to stitch inside the arches - with silk! Nice change :-) And yet... there is a bit more braid still to do after that before Part 2 is done!!

Well... the trip to the dentist... not horrible, of course. Lucky for me, I got only one slight twinge from my trigeminal neuralgia while I was there, and this was during my full mouth xrays. Ouch, but a very short lived twinge and my jaw did not freeze up on me today. I knew I needed one crown, but now I need two... and two fillings are being replaced, for a grand total of almost $2,500 that I will soon owe my dentist :-( Ah, if only it were possible to easily get dental insurance when one is self-employed. My Blue Cross/Blue Shield will only cover dental if a) a tragic accident happens to healthy teeth and are treated within a whopping 24 hours of the accident; b) dental damage occurs as a result of radiation treatment - i.e., for cancer, or c) for TMJ, and only if five months of non-invasive treatment has been unsuccesful. Generous, aren't they? Geesh. Well, having an exam, cleaning and then fillings replaced, crowns placed in surely don't count. Ouch, still smarting. But as one stitcher pointed out, this is nothing compared to my stash spending... so enough said. I did complete part of my treatment plan already today, as I accepted an appointment for later in the day for my comprehensive cleaning. Now just have scaling, filling, crown, filling, and crown left to go (that's the order the dentist wrote up in my treatment plan) - woo hoo for me :-(

Some stash that has come in over the past couple of days - all fabric - a fat quarter of a blue 32 ct hand dyed lugana my friend Karen sent me from Australia (looks a bit like Amsterdam Blue), two fat quarters of Hidden Treasures' pretty new evenweaves in Fairy Garden and Mermaid Treasure, as well as fat quarters of belfast from Stitches and Spice in Ghost Gum and Ocean Waves (Ocean Waves is now very much in the running for Mermaids of the Deep Blue...) - lots of ebay stuff coming in here :-)

A whole good news/bad news kind of situation for Ryan Newman - look at this car! This is how his car looked just after he won the pole position for Sunday's race! Go figure! He got the fastest speed on lap one, then ran the optional lap two, something happened to the car - either the right front tire blew or something broke - and bam! Into the wall! Well, he gets the premium pit stall, but gets to start from the back of the field in a backup car - nothing is ever easy for Newman :-( (photo is from But then, later in the evening, the good news got better... Ryan then qualified for the pole position for Saturday's Busch Series race - and he did not crash this time :-) Two for two, way to go Ryan! Now.... can you and your team get the car to run fast for more than just the one lap this week.... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?? It's time for another Cup win!

And, I hope you don't mind if I indulge in just a tiny bit more sports babble (I do love my sports!), David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox was named American League Outstanding Player of the Year by his peers!!!!! The accolades just do not stop coming for 'Big Papi"!!

Do you cluck or do you roar?

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala


Isabelle said...

$2,500?? That's crazy! :o( Sorry you can't spend that on stash... :o(

I'm relieved to know that it didn't hurt too much though.

Your fat quarters are absolutely gorgeous! (I'm still waiting for my Small Treat Bag from Silkweaver...)

Hope you enjoy your weekend and get plenty of stitching done! :o)

Jenn said...

Way to go Big Papi! Thanks for letting us know Carol. :)

Your Medevial Town is looking wonderful. I can't wait to see your next scan.

I've started on page 5 of Mermaid Heaven. Lots of brown. LOL

bunnyhead said...

Wow! $2500 is a bit steep. That's way more than what you spend in stash, at least I would think it is ;) Speaking of which, look at all the pretty fabric you got. Where on earth do you keep all of that gorgeous fabric? Do you ever forget that you have certain pieces for projects before you can stitch them and end up getting more?

AnneS said...

Ooh, yummo, more luvverly fabbies to drool over - as always, a great haul! Sorry to hear about your dentist trip - ouch, that bill's gotta hurt more than the tooth did!! Glad it was relatively painless though :)

Kiwi Jo said...

MTM looks great Carol - I just love those vibrant colors and of course all that gold! Sorry about the dentist. Pete needs another crown too but keeps putting it off.

Bastet said...

MTM is looking wonderful, really starting to fill out. Lovely fabric stash. Ouch! I feel for you in the dentist department. Never had a crown , but I did lose a filling, nasty business. My HMO doesn't cover going to the dentist either. Covers one eye exam a year, but doesn't help with the cost of glasses or lens. (At that rate, I'll pay for the exam if they pay for my lens/frame, it's cheaper)