Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back to the garden...

What a challenge this was tonight. My dear little Anouk decided nothing would make her happier than to lay on my chart as I was stitching tonight - no matter how or where I moved the chart, Anouk was absolutely sure to follow!! This is three hours of work, and all I managed to accomplish was a medium sized floral motif, a small floral motif and a grey line.... oh well. I think this is because in the last couple of weeks I have taken to stitching this in hand, as the R&R 40 ct linen just does not sit well in the Q-Snap at all. I don't stitch in hand all that terribly often, so this is an adjustment for me.

The mailman was friendly again today. I got in some stash - a collection of four Mirabilia charts from ebay - just over $8 for all four!! I am only showing Fairy Tales in the photo - the rest will make great gifts, so I am hiding their identities LOL! Also, after reading Christine's rave reviews of the fabric she recently got in from Tirowen Fabrics, I decided to give them a try too - I thought their Nebula was stunning, and perfect for a celestial themed piece. So, I ordered a fat quarter of the belfast about five days ago... and it already came in today. I love it!!! I will order from them again - friendly emails, fast service, they take PayPal, lovely fabric... only thing missing is no FOTM yet, but I bet that will come along soon!

And, who is surprised that I could not resist Silkweaver's Customer Appreciation Sale? Nobody is fooled, of course I couldn't resist... you were tempted too, right? I got a fat quarter of 32 ct Poltergeist Reflections lugana... because I have been eyeing it (and might use it for Pacifica!!), and a fat quarter of Morning Dew 36 ct linen - I have been tossing around the idea of stitching Little Wings on 36 ct for a while now. This is why I have not worked on it since June. I don't want to toss all the work I have done, but L&L's model is on 18 ct aida and looks so nice in that size... and I like this Morning Dew color... what am I going to do??????

Well, once again, it is New DVD Release Tuesday! Madagascar (which we just watched, very, very cute!) and The Skeleton Key.

It was raining most of the day today, and when I left my office at 5:30 PM it was amazing - all the accidents! It begs me to wonder that if folks cannot manage to drive safely in the rain, how the heck are they going to manage when the snow arrives soon??? See why I don't like to drive in the snow?? (I have a long commute on the interstate each day between New Hampshire and Massachusetts - it is like being in hell in the winter). Anyhow, if what I saw tonight is a sign of things to come - oh my!!

Stitched on today: Garden Spot Sampler


cathymk said...

Hi Carol, are you going to stitch Fairy Tales? I'm a Librarian and I always thought it was an appropriate design to do one day. The fabrics you got today are lovely.

Jenn said...

We picked up Madagascar too yesterday. You'll have to let me know how the Skelton Key is as I want to see that. There is just something about stitching that draws cat's to it. when Misha was small nothing would make her happier than sitting on my lap and trying to catch the floss as it went back up through the fabric. :)

Dawn said...

It must be the season for cats to play with charts. Our newest addition would rather eat my patterns then let me stitch it! I love the morning dew fabric definitely a good choice.! :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Lnanaa said...

4 Mirabilia charts for $8?? That's cheap!

A friend mentioned about Madagascar to me last night and told me that I need to get it for my daughter. I don't know much about it but yea I heard from many people that it's good.

The fabric from Silkweavers are beautiful. I love them. Hope you enjoy stitching your new projects. :)

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Your sampler is going to be gorgeous when it's finished. I'm enjoying watching your progress. As for the fabric... I also had a weak moment this morning and was unable to resist the Silkweaver sale. But we *need* more fabric, right? ;)

Nancy in IL said...

Cathy, I'm a relatively new blogger, and I absolutely LOVE your blog! I visit every day to see what you're up to ;-). Although, after studying HTML and all the Blogger help pages, I must say, I worked very hard to make my own blog unique to me and if I do say so myself, it has turned out well for a newbie.

I love the two new colors you got from Silkweaver. I belong to their stash of the month and got both in small cuts which I already have plans for, but would like to have more.

I wish I could find the stuff you find on eBay. Have been checking nearly every day, but you must grab it up before I see it, lol.

Actually, I need to stop looking on eBay and reading blogs and start stitching, but they're all right up there in degrees of addiction.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog.

Bastet said...

I picked up Skeleton Key as well, haven't had time to watch it yet. Love the fabric you got from Silkweaver. And Garden is coming along as well, cat withstanding. Angel used to lay on the sewn pieces of the quilt when I was working on, had to fight with her to let me have some sort of give for the stitches...now they just try to jump in my lap when I stitch on the floor stand and they come pretty close to knocking it down.

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol :)
It's looking more and more beeutiful :) AND as always your fabric choices are so yummy!!!

hugs :)

zoeandcooper said...

I am with Dawn...Cooper is being a pain and has taken to hissing at my patterns. They apparently are in his spot while I stitch.

Thanks for point us to the sale at Silkweaver...I ordered two to choose from for my sister's wedding sampler. Yeah for more stash:)

Kiwi Jo said...

Looking good Carol - we've now stitched a few motifs in common! Have you tried folding over the edges of the fabric a few times before putting it on the qsnaps. It seems to help make the fabric more taut (I hate stitching in hand too!)